What is real love.

1.Real {love} is when you lay awake at night and wish that that person was lying next to you.

2.Real {love} is feeling that person move you insde your heart, even if they are one thousand miles away.

3.Real {love} is wishing so hard that you could dream about them every night when you go to bed.

4.Real {love} is when you look at a picture of them and say wow!

5.Real {love} is when whatever happens in your day, whatever music you listen to, whatever you read, whatever you imagine, whatever someone says to you, it reminds you of them.

6.Real {love} is when you have a passion a desire to tell them how much you love them.

7.Real {love} is when you cry yourself to sleep as they will never be yours.

8.Real {love} is when there is simply no words to explain how your feeling.

9.Real {love} is when no matter where you go in life, or whatever happens that one person will always be there, following you like a shadow.

10.Real {love} is what lasts forever and ever and ever until forever never ends!

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