Just a thought.

It’s when you’re so happy with your life, you’re in a state of bliss that’s when that certain song comes on the radio, or that certain someone says something that totally undermines all that you think. Something that pops that fragile little bubble you’ve built around yourself to keep the real world out; suddenly you’re not laughing anymore, you’re crying. People ask you what’s wrong and you can’t reply because honestly, you just don’t know. It feels like you’re caving in on yourself, it’s hard to breathe, your heart beats painfully against your chest. You see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you can’t find a release, however hard you try you can’t reach that light, every step you take takes you further and further away.

Like wading into the sea; once you go so far, it would be just as hard to go back as it would be to carry on. That’s when you have to decide what you’re going to do, standing there on the line, your breaking point. Carry on to see where you end up, washed up and wasted? Or will you turn back? Rebuild the bubble that you’ve built so many times before. This is the point when you start wishing, praying for that boat to come, to come and save you, to make it all go away, to take you to safety; but you know, deep down in the depths of your heart that there’ll never be a boat. So you start wading back, back to what you know, back to normality, to build that fragile bubble; hoping that it will last just a little bit longer this time.

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