Ok… something about love… what is love?

Love is so lovable and simple. Yet, you can define it in so many ways and still not understand what it is exactly.

Love doesn’t live in England, neither does in Paris, nor in Venice. Love doesn’t live on planet earth, the moon or the outerspace.

Love is more private than the privity of your wildest and most secret dreams and it goes deeper than the depths of your uttermost desires.

Love is an awaken dream, a self-contained ambition; it is the highest of all qualities and yet it comes at the lowest cost, affordable by everyone.

Love, does not stand in your way, nor does it consume your valuable life; rather, it refurbishes your paths and enlivens up the passing of time, paving the way for two souls rather than one.

Love is the special dialect by which all hearts may communicate, regardless of nationality, spoken language,
disability or deaf-muteness. For hearts can never be deaf and can never be mute, either.

Furthermore, love is a dose of dew and aroma from heaven; an enchantment which somehow escaped from the world of dreams.

Finally, love is so silent, but yet so convincing and so determined.

By thinking less about the power of love, you yourself degrade love. If you degrade and belittle love, love will come to you degraded and belittled.

So give love, the love it deserves.

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