There’s a reason …

“… There’s a reason for every single tear you shed, smile you give, heart you break, heart you take, move you make, move you don’t make, mistakes you pull, struggles you overcome — there is a reason for everything that happens. God has a reason for everything. Our lives were pre-destined. If we don’t follow God’s plan, we are faced with consequences. These consequences are not sent to tear us down but build us up. What’s life without failures? If we didn’t fail at life’s happenings, how would we ever learn? We’d stay naive and never mature. God has a reason for everything. I cannot emphasize that enough. We may not always know the reason for such things when they happen, but we will — at whatever time God chooses to reveal it to us — we will, find out, when the time is right. Never think you’re not capable of overcoming a bump in the road. Lean on HIM to guide you through your troubles. He never gives us anything we can’t handle BECAUSE He will be there right next to us. Scratch that, if we all surrender to Him and His ways, he will not be next to us but in front of us guiding our paths. Everything happens for a reason. We just have to be smart with how we handle such matters. Favorite this. Everyone needs to be reminded …”.

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