My love for you is …

Just a little longer than the end of eternity, farther than the biggest star burning at the edge of the galaxy, closer than the breath of a moment, more beautiful than the diamond stars sparkling against a black velvet night, more heart-wrenching than the deepest and most painful wound, more faithful than the rising sun and silver moon, more delightful than the sweetest kiss, untouchable as the rushing breeze of the wind, undeniable as the stillness of a moonlit night on an abandoned beach, more satisfying than the biggest and richest feast, more stubborn than both of us put together times a million, unbelievable as the most astounding miracle, breathless as the sight of the one you love, more peaceful than a newborn baby nestled in her mother’s arms, more joyful than the sound of a child’s laughter, warmer than a fire on a winter night, more comforting than any words spoken, more inspiring than any rags-to-riches story, strong enough to go through a hurricane and come out even stronger, and more life-giving than the beating of my heart.

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