Give Me Your Heart

This is a poem sent from my heart to your heart,
after reading this don’t try to break it apart,
show my heart the way so that it can come inside,
and love your heart forever sitting side by side.

Only when both of our hearts start beating together,
the pain in my heart will become as light as a feather,
to be honest, my heart can’t survive on its own,
it needs your heart so that it doesn’t feel left alone.

Millions of heart are felt through our eyes, but
we dream of only one heart looking into the skies,
i want that one heart to be your heart,
everytime i see you, my love begins from the start.

Whenever i think about you, a song goes from my heart,
how can you hear it when you are standing so far apart,
love is in you, love is in me and love is every where,
then why is this distance between us as to be there.

You are like an angel sent from the heaven above,
give me your heart so that i could forever love,
one heart is enough to live but we need two hearts,
b’coz only when two hearts unite, the true love starts.

My heart is set out on a journey that is not time bound,
it’s destination is your heart that some time ago it found
when you get to feel my heart, please don’t ever say no,
even if you do, i don’t think my heart will let you go.

I haven’t made any sought of wish to god yet,
if i had to make one, your heart is what i wish to get,
God you can test my love before fulfilling my wish,
when you do, you will know my love has got no finish.

I will love you even if the whole world is breaking apart,
may be waiting in your way someday my soul might depart,
don’t think this is the end, this is just the start because
my soul will never rest unless you “Give Me Your Heart”.

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