I wish …

“Sometimes I wish we could talk forever
Because it’s the only time when we’re together
Yeah, we’re always in each other’s hearts
But it’s so hard when we’re miles apart
I miss the look you’d give me when I’d tease
And your arm around me when I was going to freeze
I miss sitting with you and watching TV
And even the sneaky way you’d tickle me
I miss how you made fun of me all the time
Then gave me a look that made everything fine
I miss looking at the stars with you by my side
And how I knew you’d be there if ever I cried
These are all the things that I truly long for
But they heal my heart when it’s becoming sore
Do you ever wonder if this will really work out
I sure do, when I’m having strong doubts
But then I think about everything that you are
I know I couldn’t wish for more on a glittering star
This love and my unfading memories draw me to you
And they shatter the doubts because they’re so true…”