Love story

Boy: “I’ll jump of this fence if you don’t go out with me!”

Girl: “You’re crazy!”

Boy: “Only for you!!!”

Girl: “Okay, I’ll go out with you!”

Boy: “I’m still going to jump.”

Girl: “Why I said I’ll go out with you?”

Boy: “Because you don’t mean it… Plus I don’t want you to say you’ll go out with me only to stop me from killing myself.”

Girl: ” I love you… I always have and always will, don’t jump, I love you, please come down…”

Boy: ” Are you telling me the truth?”

Girl: “Come down and I’ll prove it…”

Boy: “Okay…”

As soon as he came down she went up to him and kissed him, then she said, “Please, NEVER do that to me again, don’t ever scare me again, I do love you, now do you believe me?”

Boy: “Yes I do, and I love you too, I’ve loved you my whole life.”

Girl: “I’ve loved you my whole life too, never leave me, ever…”

Boy: “I promise…”

Girl: “Good!”

[2 years after that day…]

Boy: “Close your eyes…”

Girl: “Why where are we going?”

Boy: “You’ll see…”

Girl: “You know I hate surprises…”

Boy: “Come on stop complaining, you’ll love this, more than you love me…”

Girl: “That’s impossible…”

Boy: “We’re almost there.”

Girl: “Okay…”

She hears clanking noises like someone climbing a fence…

Girl: “Where are you?”

Boy: “You’ll see!” [He sounded far away.] “Okay, you can open your eyes now!”

When she opened her eyes she saw the fence from 2 years back, and he was at the top again…

Girl: “What am I going to do with you?”

Boy: “Love me and never leave me, which brings me to my next surprise…”

Girl: “What now? You already know I love you… what this time?”

Boy: “Will you marry me?”

Girl: “I don’t know, you’ll have to come down so i can tell you truthfully!!!”

Boy: “Okay…”

[As soon as he came down she ran up to him and kissed him]

Girl: “Of course I’ll marry you, I’ve never wanted anything more, I LOVE you!”