Good Night …

Good night, my love
You close your eyes with a perfect smile. The smile that you first gave me in our first sight, with your deep blue eyes. Did you know you had haunted my life only by staring at me? The way you talked, walked, ran, smiled, laughed, cried… You did everything in the best way I’d ever known.

Good night, my heart
Have u ever realized that I already fell in love with you at the first sight? Even though you were standing away from me, I saw you like an angel. Then when you acted you love me, I knew that was the best few seconds in my entire life. From that moment, I promised to give my life only for you.

Good night, sweetheart
You always said that nothing lasts forever, but there could be something lasts longer that we thought. We walked in a different flow of time. We saw that what matter most was the time. We were haunted by the fear of the running time. But I know now one thing that lasts forever, it’s our love. The feeling of loving you.

Good night, my soul
As you walk forward and I walked backward, we see that this life sometimes doesn’t feel fair. And in the end, we have to let everything go. You let me go, I let you go. But this is not the end. Life itself is longer than we thought.

“Good night, Daisy”
I said that to you every single night, with or without you hearing me. One day, I’ll look like a baby with an old man inside and perhaps at that time, everything has changed. Or maybe, I’ll be the only one who changed.

Good night, Daisy

(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)