“… There is nothing i love more than getting lost in worship. It’s not about the music. It’s not about the feeling. It’s not even about the tingles on the back of my neck. It’s about seeking God’s face. It’s about realizing how lucky i am to have such a loving God. A real God…and how lucky i am to know him. It’s about falling on my face…and allowing him to pick me up. The trust. I’ll tell him that i’ll be there until the end. And then i think about what i just said…but because of such a big God, i’m not afraid of even death. Persecution. Or what you might think of me when i shout out Jesus at the top of my lungs and jump up and down…no. I’m here for a reason. And i’ll live out that purpose with all i have, and expect myself to mess up, only to be brought back into his grace. It’s his voice. Thats why i raise my hands. Because i’m seeking with more than i can express. I need this more than air, more than the desire to fit in, and more than your view as to what is normal. It’s because of God that i am rid of this fear. I’m doing this for him now …”