Dear child,

Breathe deeply,
Blink away those tears
Step forward
Open your eyes
And walk away from the pain.

I know, its great. It’s a great pain.
The memories, they are precious to you.
Even though that’s all they are,
I know they mean more to you than almost anything.

I know you’re trying to decide between what’s best for you and what you want.
But I promise that if you give it a chance, the one who is better for you will end up being what you want.
I know, it’s difficult.
Each step will hurt like hell,
Because you’re walking away from everything you once believed in.
Walking away from the one you loved.

But there is nothing for you there.
Not anymore.
It’s best to close the door gently as you walk away.
Don’t slam it.
Bitterness isn’t the way to go.
Just slip away into the sunlight.
You shine on your own,
But its time you let the world see you,
And let the sun warm your skin.

You always loved to dance in the rain.
Keep dancing.
You’re good at smiling through the storm.
Even through all the heartbreak,
You never stopped giving hope to everyone else.

You got a little weary.
It’s affected you, certainly.
You’ve cried so many times.
Those bruises on this heart of yours?
They’re a faded yellow,
But I know it seems as though they’ll never fade.

But they will.
Only if you let them.
I know you feel like running away.
Like sinking into the shadows,
To escape the world and all its pain right now.

But what you need to do…
Baby girl, you know this new guy…
He loves you for you.
He loves you,
And he won’t give up on you.
Run into his arms.
Sink into his love for you.
Show yourself to him.
He wants to see you
To know you.

Breathe deeply,
Blink away those tears
Step forward
Open your eyes
And walk away from the pain.

Because he’ll be there,
With his arms spread wide,
A smile on his face,
So happy to see that you’ve finally come ‘round.

Your Heart.

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