“…Wait for the guy that listens to you. The guy that when he looks at you…you know he loves you. The guy that respects you as much as he loves you. The guy that thinks your beautiful even when your hair is a mess and your in your sweats. Wait for the guy who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Who tells you how much he admires you for being you and nothing else. When your upset he always has a hug for you. The guy that tickles you, plays with your hair, and picks on you just to make you laugh, simply because he loves to see you smile. The guy that can make you smile more than anyone else can. The one who will let you fall aleep in his arms. The one that pushes you on the swings. The guy who will stay on the phone with you after you’ve had a bad day, even if your not talking. The one who slow dances with you…with no music. They guy who will call you in the middle of the night, even if it means waking you up….he just needed to hear your voice. Wait for the one who calls you in the morning just to say three simple words….”Good Morning, Beautiful!” The guy that doesn’t ever say you look hot, but rather that you look cute or beautiful. When he hugs you good-bye, he hugs you like he’s never gonna see you again. Wait for the guy that notices that something is on your mind before he notices what your wearing…”

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