Definitions of love

What is love?

Love is when you sacrifice yourself for the sake of your beloved one.

Love is the sweetness of lips, the tenderness of hands, and madness in the soul, which slowly passes into folly.

Love is self-sacrifice.

Love is an indescribable feeling, capable of raising you to Olympus and of giving you a possibility to feel wings behind your back.

Love is a bright disinterested feeling, touching, brittle, tender and is childishly naive… the best in the world…

Love – this when you experience the sense of love, the entire world in your eyes is seen through rose-coloured spectacles. Still no one has given a clear definition of love. What love is and how to derive its precise formula is known to no one. Many people wait for it, look for it, find, lose and again look for it… But indeed a dream exists for approaching it!

Love… What does it mean for you? A complex question, but many people can accurately say that they did experience this feeling and are experiencing it now. It is when you cannot live a minute without this person, when you part at least for 2 hours, and you are already longing for him/her and wait with the impatience for your new meeting.

Love is when nothing is excessive, when everything is enough and you don’t need anything more.

Love is the most lofty feeling, which strongly brings you closer together with another person… when you understand, that you have found it… and see no one around you… when you can’t leave a second without him/her… you want this person to be all the time with you… And he/she becomes your life…

Love is when you are next to someone, you feel happy.

Love is a lofty positive attitude to someone. It is distinguished by depth and force of feelings experienced to another person. The sense of love has deep intimate nature. Love can cause very strong diseases for example such as infatuation. It can be platonic. Love is an emotional feeling which gives optimum possibilities.

Love is a great aim for each human being. Love lives in us and we arise it ourselves. But in order to wake it up, another person is needed! The universe finds sense only when we have a person to share our feelings. Encounter with the chosen one waits for us, but frequently we avoid it ourselves!

Love is similar to the wind: it is not evident, but you feel it.

Love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous. Love is never boastful and vain, rough and selfish. It does not offend and is never offended.

True love is similar to life; it is given once and for all! Love is an element which can be compared only with death. If you love you are ready to do anything and only death can stop it…

Love is communication, pleasant for both, but incomprehensible to others.

Love is the purest and most pleasant feeling in the world and at the same time complex and sometimes very incomprehensible feeling.

The phrase “I love you” is able to turn the entire world upside down.

Love is the thread which connects two souls.

Love makes life sensible.

Love is sacrifice for the sake of your chosen one.

Love changes you both inside and outside.

Love can’t be explained briefly. Remember, if its manifestations appear it means that you have found the most expensive gold in your life. Beware not to lose it!!!

“…I’m gonna love you darling, live and love you all the time, until I die …”

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